brand  design

Your brand is much more
than just your logo

Your brand is the embodiment of your businesses
identity at every touch point

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does your current brand hurt your reputation?

Having a brand that is out of date, inconsistent, or not genuine hurts your reputation, both online and offline.

This has a direct impact on your lead acquisition, strength in the marketplace, and your revenue.

Your brand has the incredible job of representing your businesses identity, values and core messages across every touchpoint in your business. It directly impacts your perceived trust and credibility as business. Understanding this, we strive to create a brand that does your business justice.

Presenting a consistent brand across all platforms can
increase revenue by up to 23%.

Create a stand out brand

We work closely with you to deeply understand your business so we can co create a brand identity that inspires trust, confidence and most importantly connects with your ideal clients.

Example brand board / style guide created by Yeomans Web Wesign
Collage of images used to create a mood board for branding.

brand identity development

Brand Identity Development is perfect for any companies or firms that are just getting their online presence started and want to set things up the right way - the first time.
It's also a great fit for companies or firms that are looking to develop a strong brand identity, build brand awareness and leverage this to secure their position in the market.

Brand work is an essential element that goes into creating a high-performing website, but what we're referring to here goes much deeper than just how it applies to a website.
This work provides extreme clarity on exactly who you are as a brand, who your ideal clients are, what your offer is, and how best to market that offer to those people.
Once you know this, it makes every other aspect of running your company or firm much easier!


research & identification

A huge part of the branding process is identifying who you are as a brand and the direction you want to go in.
It's a deep exploration into:

  • Who you are
  • Who you serve
  • How you serve them
  • What problems you solve / pain you alleviate
  • What this means to them / why does this matter
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Person doing brand design work on laptop while taking notes in diary.

brand strategy

How do we implement the information we compiled in our Research & Identification in a strategic and useful way?
Again, it starts with more research.

  • Research on those in your market who are already serving your ideal clients.
  • Mapping out  your desired position.
  • Exploring your unique position so that you stand out and are memorable to your audience.

visual design

Once we've established who you are, who you serve, and how; it's time to look at how you're going to communicate all of this.

This is probably the best (most popular) part of Branding, because it's the part where you see your brand start to come to life.

  • Visual Style Guides
  • Logo Sets
  • Typography
  • Aesthetic Guides
  • Brand Voice
  • Core Message Framework
  • Colour Palettes
  • Storytelling Framework
Logo creation on laptop and notebook during brand development process.

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