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We create a beautiful, intentional, &
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in-depth, strategic design process

Expect a unique solution designed specifically for you

"A specific process equals a specific result."
Every project we engage in is truly unique. We approach each one with the same reliable, robust, and precise process which means predictable, repeatable, and high-quality results for your business.

Through countless iterations, we have built a truly refined process that allows us to accurately define your goals, understand your current position and develop a strategy to connect the dots between where you are now and where you want to be, and then implement that strategy.






  • Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategy

To get a clearer picture of what you can expect while working with us, here are each of the steps in more detail.

1. Discovery
In this session, we look closely at exactly where your business is right now.
We get a crystal clear understanding of where we're starting from so that we can accurately map out a strategic plan to reach our goals.

2. Goal Setting
In this session, we map out what you want from your website and/or brand.
We define what success looks like, how we'll know we've achieved the goal and what metrics need to be measured along the way.

3. Strategy
In this session, we map out how your website and branding fits into your larger business goals.
We also look at specific tactics and strategies to implement, both immediately and into the future (Aftercare step), to get the most out of your new website
and brand positioning.

The deliverables from our strategy sessions can include getting crystal clear on your:

  • Brand Identity and Story
  • Brand Message and Voice
  • Brand and Website Goals
  • Website Functionality
  • Services and Offer
  • Ideal Client and User Story


design and develop

  • Design
  • develop
  • review

4. StyleScapes
We take everything that we've learned from our goal setting, discovery, and strategy sessions and we pull them together into two to three StyleScapes.
StyleScapes are a bigger and better version of a style guide.
A style scape illustrates the visual identity of a brand, along with it's message and overall look and feel.

5. Wire Frames
We build out a low-fidelity blueprint of the site structure. It shows how the site will be assembled, without any of the content, assets, or branding.
This includes:

  • The projected site map; a broad overview of what pages are going to be included on the site structure and how they link to each other.
  • The content architecture, which outlines what content is going to be on each page.
  • The wireframes themselves; the blueprint for each page, mapped out.

6. Develop
Once you've approved the style scape and wire frame, we begin putting it all together on your real site.
We build the structure and fill it in with all your images, content, videos etc. to bring your branded website to life.

7. Reviews
Once the site is built, we sit down with you and go through the entire site section by section.
We take detailed notes of any changes that you would like to make and then we go and make them.
It's rare to need many reviews because of the groundwork that we've put in, prior to building.
We go through this complete review process twice, to ensure you are one hundred percent satisfied with your site before it's published and goes live!



  • handover
  • training
  • aftercare

8. Handover
After the final review is complete and you are happy with your final product, we do our handover.
This is mostly a formality where we signoff our agreement and finalise any outstanding payment, if applicable.
Then, we publish your site and it's live on the internet, ready for the world (and your potential clients) to see!

9. Training
If you've opted in to maintaining and updating your website yourself, this is where we do a training session with your staff and record how to use the Content Management System (CMS) and Editor.
You get to keep the recorded training for future reference, so that you and/or your team can make changes to the content of your site as you wish.

10. Aftercare

Now we look at how we can maximise the effectiveness of your site now that it's published and live on the internet.
Most of this will have been discussed during our earlier strategy session, this is mostly about how to best implement that strategy.

We enjoy working with established and new businesses to create a website they feel truly represents their brand.

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