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There is more to building a high-performing business website than putting some images and text together.
You can create something that looks good, but if it isn't strategically designed and built from the start to accomplish certain goals, then it won't serve your business.

To create a website that performs well, achieves business goals and becomes a powerful marketing asset, there's a specific process that needs to be followed and precise groundwork that must be completed before any of the development can begin.

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This is all of the crucial groundwork that goes into making your website a success and is done before any part of the actual building takes place.

We explore your goals for the website and clearly define what success means in this context, which includes identifying what metrics need to be measured.
We look at your current marketing and advertising strategies and how this website project fits into them, so that it elevates your overall marketing results, instead of being a standalone feature.

We research your target market and look at their online search and visitor behaviour.
We investigate what it is that they are looking for online and how to position your website and it's content to deliver that to them in the best manner possible.

ux/ui & visual design

This involves getting incredibly clear on exactly who your target audience is (creating user / client avatars) and what exactly they are trying to accomplish by coming to your site (mapping out user stories and journeys), then using these to build out a strategic content architecture.

We also strategise on at how to make all of this fit into your company/firm branding seamlessly.
Our deliverables for this section include:

  • StyleScapes for visual brand design
  • Wireframes for site structure and content architecture

Once we've received your approval on the visual aesthetic and the structure, we move on to Digital Design and Development.

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digital design & development

This is where we get to work building out your actual site.
We take everything we've learned from our discovery and strategy sessions and we begin to translate that onto the digital canvas.

The User Experience (UX) we create is guided by the User Stories and Journeys we mapped out and this determines how we build out the User Interface (UI) and how that will display across different device sizes.

Once we've completed the build, we go through an extensive review process to make sure you're 100% happy with your website prior to launch.



After the revision process is complete we complete site handover and launch your site so it is live. Depending on how you want to manage your site after launch, we can also build a custom Content Management System (CMS) and login for you / your team so that you can make content edits to the site as you wish.

Our deliverables for this section include:

  • Live, published website
  • Custom CMS setup and login (if applicable)

We offer SEO to optimise the effectiveness of your website once it is built and live

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When we partner up for your project, you can be confident knowing every effort is taken to ensure your project is a success!

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